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The food of North Africa and the Iberian Peninsula is rapidly becoming one of the most influential in our society. One of the main reasons for this is its remarkable diversity in styles of cooking and ingredients. Well over a thousand years ago the Moors ruled from the Arab lands in the east to North Africa, Spain and Portugal. With the trade routes they had available, they brought with them many new flavours; spices such as Saffron and Cumin, Rice – still grown in Andalusia and the base of the modern day Spanish Paella – Almonds and dried fruits to name but a few. At the same time they also greatly improved the cultivation, production and influence of crops such as Olives and Olive Oil.

Combined with food staples already used, such as couscous from North Africa, the Moorish influence has also helped develop dishes such as the Moroccan Tagine. Named after the cooking pot it comes in, the Tagine has many regional variations, most include the spices, dried fruits, olives and citrus introduced by the Moors.

Based in Shropshire, the team at Moorish Cuisine offer the finest Moorish ingredients and cookware, with almost 50 years catering and food industry experience in Africa, Europe and the UK. We also offer our unique services for events; dishes such as Tagine, Paella, spit roasted lamb, merguez (spiced sausage), falafel, couscous, and many others are available to suit our clients’ demands. We can provide a full catering service including equipment, staff and marquees or simply supply the ingredients necessary to create your own personalised Moorish experience. To find out more about us, our products and services, don’t hesitate to contact us, or just browse our website where we offer recipes and an historical guide to the influence of the Moors on today’s food.

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